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The Museum's Collections were completed, for their most part, during the 1980s. The collections were supplemented with the donation of the Skyrian woodcarver's Yiannoulis Babousis' designs archive, the donation of sculptures and models by Loukia Georgandi and her parents Eleni and Nicolaos Georgandi, which were given to the Museum by Loukia's husband George Economopoulos, other individual and smaller donations, as well as the collection of Manos Faltaits' artwork, which constitute the Museum's art gallery.

The Museum's Collections consist of:

1.The "Aloni" –the decorative items of a Skyrian House, and in particular ceramics, glassware, copper decorative items and utensils
2. Skyrian costumes
3.Skyrian embroideries
5. Woodcarvings and miniature woodcarvings
6.Skyrian ceramics
7. Greek traditional economy tools and utensils
9. The documents archive
10. Rare book editions dating from the 1500s to today)
11.Newspapers and Magazines dating from the 19th century to today)
12.Gravures and maps
13.Loukia, Nicolaos and Eleni Georgandi's sculptures
14. Funerary sculpting
15.A Gallery of Skyrian artwork
16.Manos Faltaits' artwork gallery