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The Skyrian House

The Skyrian house is by itself an almost complete Museum of Skyros' traditional culture.

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Decorative items

The decorative and functional use items of the Skyrian house, called the "Aloni", comprise the Museum's dominant collection. In Skyros, the "Aloni" refers to the household items in general, that cover practical or aesthetic needs.

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Ceramic, glass and copper items

The Skyrian house is decorated with ceramic, glass and copper objects, from various parts of the world, which are divided in categories. Some are purely decorative, while others have functional use.

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Wood-carved objects

Traditional furniture and other wood-carved objects are a prominent feature in the Museum's halls. The island has a long tradition in wood-carving and the Skyrian wood-carved furniture are the greatest creation in this field.

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Costumes, embroideries and weavings

Skyrian embroideries and weavings, along with the local traditional costumes, hold a special place in the Museum's collections.

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