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Theater and Gardens

From 1987 to 1992 the Museum created its gardens and outdoor archaic type theater, in an 8,000 sq. meter area, in order to hold pioneering artistic events based on Greece's history and culture.

The outdoor stone theater

The outdoor archaic-type stone theater was created by Manos Faltaits, with a vision of becoming an intellectual and cultural center not only for Skyros, but all of Greece.

This theater, which seats 1,000 persons, has a unique architecture and functionality and is the center of the museum's gardens.

This area plays a key role for the island's cultural events and offers the opportunity of organizing all kinds of artistic events, such as concerts, theatrical plays, dance events, etc.

The theater and the gardens are the main cultural axis of Skyros, where since 1993 the annual Skyros Festival –organized by the Museum- as well as other artistic and cultural events take place.

The Gardens

The Museum's gardens lie on the northeastern part of the town of Skyros, in an area of 8,000 sq. meters, and are planted with fruit bearing trees and ornamental plants.

The Gardens include the theater, outdoor and semi-outdoor venues, which can be used either individually for different projects or for a single project combining activities.

The wider Gardens area may also be used as a single venue for large events, organized in cooperation with different national, European and international entities and networks, such as concerts, cultural camps, artistic meetings, etc.