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Historical Journey

Since its foundation in 1964, the Faltaits Museum remains a constantly evolving, living organization, with a long history of activities.

Foundation of the Museum on August 12th


-Presentation of the First Exhibition of Skyrian Modern Art and crafts, where all the Skyrian craftsmen take part (wood carvings, small wood carvings, embroidery, woven fabrics, pottery, wickerwork goods etc.) during the whole summer period.
Cooperation with Greek Organization of Small and Medium-Sized Craft Industries (EOMEX)
-Book Fair and establishment of a new Public Library, which stayed strong the whole year.
Cooperation with the Ministry of Education
- Outdoor cinema for film projections in the Town square
Cooperation with the BEI and the Greek Centre of Productivity (ΕΛΚΕΠΑ).


- Presentation of the Second Exhibition of Skyrian Modern Art and crafts, where all the Skyrian craftsmen take part (wood carvings, small wood carvings, embroidery, woven fabrics, pottery, wickerwork goods etc.) during the whole summer period.
Cooperation with the Greek Organization of Small and Medium-Sized Craft Industries and the Prefecture of Evia.
- Research about the exploitation of Evia's crafts, an assignment given by the Prefecture of Evia.
- Outdoor cinema for film projections in the Town square.
Cooperation with the BEI and the Greek Centre of Productivity
- The Public Library still functions, not only for the Skyrians, throughout summer.
- Painting exhibition presented by various artists (John Konidaris, Kostas Alexiou, Soula Koubi etc.) about Skyros.
The exhibition was organized in the premises of ''Xenia'' in Skyros. Some of these paintings were donated to the Museum, which are still there.

1969 - 1974

Research made by Manos and Anastasia Faltaits, writing and publishing 33 studies about the history, culture, folklore and social anthropology of Skyros. The Museum made the release in cooperation with the newspaper ''Northern Sporades''.


Photo shooting of the Museum's collections by the Greek's Organization of Small and Medium-Sized Craft Industries crew. The photo archive and the collections were available to researchers and craftsmen, as well as the Museum and the Greek Organization of Small and Medium-Sized Craft Industries.


Through the efforts of Manos Faltaits, Skyros became a model of community development based on tradition. Plus, the patterns of the traditional crafts are considered standard models.


Manos Faltaits gives lectures in Athens about the history of Carnival, based on his studies about the Carnival of Skyros, which was a memorable experience.

Summer of 1972

Lecture given by Manos Faltaits in ''Xenia'' in Skyros about: Decorative objects of the Skyrian House from a sociological point of view / Introducing social anthropology to Greece.

1973 - 1976
Manos Faltaits cooperates with the executives of the newly established Ministry of Culture, as a specialized scientific partner, for the creation and organization of the Directorate of Modern Culture, as well as introducing for the first time the term ''Traditional Heritage''. At the same time he travels all over Greece with the director of the Ministry of Culture, in order to study if there are possibilities to establish local history/folklore museums based on the local elements. The establishment of these museums was primarily based on recommendations which were submitted to the Ministry.

Summer of 1974

Souvenir, manuscript, presentation and publication Fair, made by the pioneer journalist, researcher and national fighter Constantinos Faltaits, was organized in the Museum due to the unveiling of his bust. The Fair was organized in cooperation with the Municipality of Skyros and its lead speaker was the scholar and researcher George Valetas.

Summer of 1975

Design, painting and souvenir Exhibition was organized by the great teacher of the Skyrian woodcarving and the folk artist Giannoulis Babousis, due to his donation of his work archive to the Museum, which is still kept there since then.

1976 - 1978
The Museum's collections were enriched due to the acquisition of a large number of items of the primary and secondary traditional economy, gathered by Manos Faltaits from the entire Greece. These items can be found today in specially designed areas in the Museum's grove.

Summer of 1976

The First Cultural Symposium was organized in Skyros entitled as ''Comparative Study about the Aegean's Culture.


Manos Faltaits received an Award for the Museum and his whole contribution to the Traditional Culture by the Prize of Athens's Academy.

Winter of 1978

Photo exhibition about Skyros and the Carnival of Skyros at the ''Anatolia'' College, due to the Museum's cooperation with the College. As a result, one hundred students participated voluntarily in the Museum's action groups this year's summer. The cooperation initiative was taken by the College's Chair Bill Makgkrou and the executive member Irene Angelidaki.

Carnival of 1978

Photo exhibition about the Carnival of Skyros and also a special tour in the Museum.

August of 1978

The Second Cultural Symposium was organized in Skyros entitled as ''Prehistory and folklore''. The Symposium was organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture. Also, scientists from all over Greece took part in it, as well as the Chair of ''Anatolia'', teachers, members of the College and the student volunteers.
Summer of 1978

Open-air and semi-open-air exhibition of primary and secondary traditional economy items, where both student volunteers and their teachers from the ''Anatolia'' College took part in it.
Since 1970-1980, there have been printed and released cards with the Museum's embroidery patterns by using the Archive that was given by the Greek Organization of Small and Medium-Sized Craft Industries. These cards spread the word not only in Greece, but also in other countries about the Museum's collections and they create new artistic forms, inspired by the patterns of these embroideries. Also, a magazine, established by the Greek Organization of Small and Medium-Sized Craft Industries is printed and released with the Museum's collections.


The Museum establishes its Art Workshop in order to create an aesthetic style for garments, inspired by the overtime tradition, from ancient to modern times.
The Art Workshop and its creations show in general an innovative perspective to the artistic craft works (clothing and tunics, stamped clothing, pottery, engravings, jewelry etc.)

1979 - 1985

The Museum organizes summer training programs and invites young people to learn how a museum works and also gives them the opportunity to participate voluntarily in its activities (guided tours, maintenance of the museum and its exhibits, organizing cultural events, exhibit studying etc.)

1979 - 1985

The Art Workshop expands and develops its action due to the participation of young volunteers from all over Greece and other European countries.

1979 - 1986

The Museum organizes summer programs for children in order to teach them the artistic creation (painting, pottery, dancing, singing, acting and artistic creation in general.)

1987 - 1992

The Museum's grove, which is covering an area of about 8 acres, gets disposed and the current areas of the museum are getting improved. Also, an outdoor ancient type theater is formed that year, in order to organize innovative cultural events which would be based in Greek history and culture.

1993 - 2003

- The Festival of Skyros is created and conducted in order to proceed scientific workshops, conferences and cultural events in general. Furthermore, cultural events were organized not only in the Museum, the theater and the grove, but also in many areas of Skyros, in Athens, in Chalkida etc.

- At the same time, literary contests were organized in cooperation with the National Union of Writers and the National Society of Greek Writers. The award ceremony took place during the period of literary conferences, which was held in the Museum in 1993-1996.

- In the same period of time, book fairs were organized in the Museum's semi-open areas, where many of the major Greek publishing Houses took part in them.
These cultural and artistic events were organized with the assistance of the Ministry of Culture, the Central Greek Region, the General Secretariat for Youth and also with the cooperation of the Municipality of Skyros, the Skyrian Association, the University of Economics of Piraeus etc.


Greek scientists and academics from all over Greece and abroad are taking part in the Festival of Skyros and the ''Amphictyonic'' Meetings.


Executives from all over Greece and the Hellenic diaspora participated in the opening of the University of Hellenism.


The Museum forms an artistic group where young volunteers participated, not only from Skyros but from the entire Greece too.

Winter of 1993

A Cultural Symposium is organized at the Goulandris - Horn Institute where the Museum's artistic group presented an Epic Ritual Event named ''Skyrites'' by Manos Faltaits. This event was funded by the Ministry of Culture within the organization of the Museum's training program for young scientists.

Winter of 1994

The Museum's artistic group presented the Epic Ritual Event named ''Skyrites'' by Manos Faltaits. This project was made with the collaboration of the Municipality of Kifisia and presented it in its conference hall.

Winter of 1997

The Museum's youth department organizes the Cultural Network of Youth, which is under the auspices of the General Secretariat for Youth.
This Network was designed to disseminate the ideas and the spirit, which are cultivated in the Museum and also the cooperation and the exchange of cultural activities between not only the Museum's young people but also all these who participate in cultural activities in every corner of Greece.

April of 1997

A Meeting-Conference is organized by the Museum's youth department, who are in charge of the Secretariat of Cultural Network. Representatives from other organizations took part in this Network.

The conference takes place in the premises of the old University-Museum of Plaka.

On the last day of the Conference, the Museum's artistic group, in collaboration with the old University, organize an event based on the Trilogy ''Skyrites'', at the Acropolis and the Filopappos Hill, where it takes place the final Act of the Trilogy.


The Museum integrates in the Community Program ''Leader'' in order to improve some projects and extend its grove and premises in general.

April of 2001

An event is organized in the Book Arcade in Athens to present the poetic work ''Ntaismos'' by Manos Faltaits, along with some of his painting works.

Summer of 2002

The Museum organizes in its areas a painting exhibition by Manos Faltaits in order to get it renewed and keep promoting the author's new projects.

August of 2003

Manos Faltaits presents his epic Drama ''Leon Sgouros'' at the Museum's theater, directed and played by the Museum's artistic group ''Skyrites''.

2003 - Until now

The Museum starts a new publication cycle and publishes Manos's, Constantinos's and Anastasia's Faltaits works, as well as the author's and essayist's John Vogiatzis and the essayist's Christos Alexopoulos. Thus, it reissues some author's works about Skyros.

2004 – 12th August

The Museum celebrates its 40 years foundation, organizes a workshop in the Museum and also renews Manos's Faltaits painting exhibition.

2005 – 2011

The Museum organizes special cultural events in collaboration with the Municipality of Skyros, both inside and at the Museum's theater.

August of 2009

The Municipality of Skyros writes a tribute in Manos's Faltaits life and action in collaboration with the Museum's artistic group ''Skyrites'' and elite Skyrians.

July of 2009

Giorgos Makris and his group, in collaboration with the Museum, TEI of Piraeus and the Municipality of Skyros start a seminar about''Rebetiko'' and the urban folk music. The seminar also includes a concert, performed at the Museum's theater.

2011 – Summer of 2012

Tripoli's Choir presents its program at the Museum's theater.


The Municipality of Skyros implements a part of the program ''LIFE'', in which it's integrated, in some areas of the Museum's grove.


The Museum's ''Group (Aderfato) of Friends'' is founded with the initiative of Skyrian elite members, prominent Greeks and also foreign friends of the Museum.


The Museum's ''Aderfato of Friends'', following in the footsteps of its founder Manos Faltaits, organizes new events and makes new cooperation deals. The following events are the ones which were planned and implemented in 2012 :

- Mrs. Katerina Korre-Zografou, a distinguished Philosophy professor from the University of Athens, presents her book about Aegean's traditional jobs, dedicated to Skyros.

- Since this year's July until in early 2013, an exhibition was conducted, dedicated to the 90 years of the Asia Minor Catastrophe entitled as ''How did the Asia Minor died'', from the Archive of Constantinos Faltaits. The exhibition was also conducted in the National Library since 11/30/2012-01/15/2013.

- Furthermore, an event was conducted for the 100th anniversary of the Balkan Wars and the Hellenic Navy this July through the works and Archive of Constantinos Faltaits. The event was accompanied by the projection of the documentary ''Sailing headlong relentlessly'' directed by Giannis Karabinis , which was referred to the Averof battleship.
The event was conducted in the Air Force at Tatoi in December.

- The same month, Manos Faltaits implemented his theatrical play entitled as ''Stoumpos's (short guy's) goat''. The play was presented by the Museum's theatrical team ''Skyrites'', directed by the team member and actress Maria Karabini.

- On August 12th, a main event was organized for the 48 years since the Museum's foundation, where its executives, the Aderfato's executives and other friends took part in it.

- On October 6th, Elli Solomonidou-Balanou donated the Collection 32 of Skyrian drawings to the Museum.

- The same summer, the National Bank's Educational Foundation sent an assistant specialized in paper maintenance issues and archive material, with the instructions given by the Aderfato. This assistant made a thorough report about the Museum's archives and old books situation and also suggested that the graduates from the Universities are supposed to do their practice with regard to ''museography'' and museology issues under the supervision of ΕΛΙΑ/ΜΙΕΤ(Greek Literature and Historical Archive/National's Bank Educational Foundation). Such action connects the Museum with the modern university community.

- In the summer of 2014, the Museum organized and implemented anniversary events for the 50 years of its existence and action with the participation of old and new friends, as well as an event dedicated to Manos Faltaits and his action. The Museum was honored with the presence of the authorities of Skyros, representatives of the Regional Government, and also the director of the Ministry of Culture, as well as the Director of the Folk and Art Museum. Also, the entire society of Skyros took part in it.