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The Museum was founded in 1964 by Manos Faltaits and is one of the first local historical and folklore museums in Greece, as well as the most significant attraction with national reputation. It was created to save the traditional heritage of Skyros in order to pass on the message to the Greek state that the present and the future must be ''attached'' to tradition.

It dominates in the NE edge of the city and is built on the largest tower of the ancient Pelasgian walls of Skyros. Also, it is housed in the old ''Falntai' mansion, whose roots are lost in Byzantium.

The Australian author Corin Simson points out in his novel ''GREECE'' that '' is located in that side of the hill, before you enter the city, where you can approach it from the sea.. Many museums may be dull, but here, now and always, you will figure out what it is that embodies a soul's place and preserves aesthetics and tradition in the best way''...

In this museum, which is full of myths and history, we can see among others, all the elements of the daily life, art, speech and island's history from the post-Byzantine to modern times.

Historical Journey

Since its foundation in 1964, the Faltaits Museum remains a constantly evolving, living organization, with a long history of activities.

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The Museum's purpose

Manos Faltaits wrote that '' My intention was to create a ''Museum'', namely the temple of the Muses, not just an exhibition of collections''. ''My vision was to show Skyros through the Museum and make her a standard and ideal community, not only as an inspirational example for Greece but for the whole world. In that way, the Museum could fulfill its major destination as a form of rebirth of the Greek communities. As a standard example, it would pave the way for the foundation of other local historical and folklore museums throughout Greece, which ought to become the centers of the cultural life of each community.''

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