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List of Works

Manos Faltaits wrote many theatrical, historical, folklore, literary, poetic, political, etc. works. A large part of this work remains unpublished..

Theatrical Works

Skyrites – Skyros Festival 1993
The Brotherhood of Danaos Skyros Festival 1994
The Children of Styx - Skyros Festival 1995
Leon Sgouros - Skyros Festival 1994
Socrates Bound - Skyros Festival 1999
The Goat of Stoubos - 2006

Historical – Archaeological

Pre-Christian Settlements and Cults in Skyros
The ancient iron kilns in Skyros
A Flashback to the roots of Communalism


Roussos- chronicle
Mitsoana's Anna - chronicle
A near missed Robin Hood of Skyros- chronicle
Manoui-Pam and Victor - The Polynesia of St. Ermolaos – novella
Manoui-Pam and Victor – In the ancient temple of Fourka –novella
Manoui-Pam and Victor-In the Antriotis cave - novella

Infant Memories of War-chronicle
ΜMelikarou- chronicle
The chronicle of Palaiopyrgos-chronicle
χρονικό Up to the fountain of Vourlos - chronicle
Loneliness of the Saints
The three swords of Grimaldi - novella
The sword of Grimaldi – novella
Before Hercules became a rebel -novella
The first Labor of Hercules - novella
The Alexandrine Grammarians - satirical
The Lovers of Marigoula -satirical
Melik – novella
The hashish den of Lambropoulos
The Chandakas' gang – chronicle/novella
The Fourka gang - novella
Konstantis Kalamaras - narrative


Watchtower in Palaiopyrgos
Between Ariman and Orguz
The Color that won


The Carnival of Skyros and the origin of the Carnival Period
Voice and Writing
For a balanced Education
My thoughts About Sex
Art essays
Collections and Museums
Alaloum and Pablo Picasso
Marginalized Groups – Alania, Manges, Koutsavakia and Mortes

Folklore – Folk Art

The Goblin's Leg
Decorative objects in the Skyrian house from a historical and sociological perspective
Skyrian embroidery
Skyrian carpentry
Skyrian Ceramics

On Development

Touristic Settlements of Skyros

Schisto in Koridallos and Steni in Euboea

Urbanism-For a Global Spatial recast and the model of the Communal Republic

Political Works

Pan-Europe and The Common market
Communal Republic


Castes and Social Hierarchy in Skyros
The real Madam Soussou
The names of our nation


Manoui's journey
The bipolar scheme Harmonia- Disharmony
Ariman and Orguz
Universal Soul and Consciousness
The religion of the Entities