The Faltaits Museum
The Museum was founded in 1964 by Manos Faltaits and is one of the first local historical and folklore museums in Greece. It was created to save the traditional heritage of Skyros in order to pass on the message to the Greek state that the present and the future must be ‘’attached’’ to tradition.
Historical Journey

Since its foundation in 1964, the Faltaits Museum remains a constantly evolving, living organization, with a long history of activities.

The Museum’s collections
The Museum’s Collections were completed, for their most part, during the 1980s. The collections were supplemented with the donation of the Skyrian woodcarver’s Yiannoulis Babousis’ designs archive, the donation of sculptures and models by the Georgandi family, other individual and smaller donations, as well as the collection of Manos Faltaits’ artwork, which constitute the Museum’s art gallery.


Faltaits Museum

Οur Museum receives visitors daily from 10:00 to 14:00.


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